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Why Choose Metrostrata?

Years of experience means that MetroStrata is the Perth local expert in subdivision and investment development, using their skills and resources to navigate you through the development maze. Engage the complimentary help of one our friendly building consultants from the outset and they will provide you with open and honest advice before you commit. With their expertise, they will accurately assess your site; provide you with a no-obligation feasibility report and work with you to create a development designed and focused on your individual needs.

Our professional building consultants understand the complexity of difficult sites, design constraints, council red-tape and the needs of the budget-conscious developer. No development is the same, and we appreciate the importance of not treating them that way. We strive to fully understand and incorporate your individuality into every phase of the planning, design and construction process.

Ensure you select your development builder carefully. Many building companies have seen the upsurge in developments around Perth and have set up a development arm, without gaining the relevant expertise. It is important that you partner with a building company specialising in subdivision and unit developments, as it can be a complex process, made all the more difficult if your builder doesn’t have the know-how.

Property Development

Develop your properties full potential with MetroStrata and the extensive knowledge of multi-dwelling development.

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Take a look at our full range of single and two storey home design. With a style and budget that will please any property developer.

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How Can We Help?

Just drop us a line and tell us more about your property so we can assess the best way to develop your property portfolio.

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