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A Triplex could be the perfect investment if you have a large block in some of the older suburbs of Perth. Maybe you are looking to downsize and invest at the same time.

A triplex is a big commitment, so ensure you don’t compromise on quality. We know it’s important for you to compare builders and find one who meets your needs & budget. Good value doesn’t mean cheap – it means getting the best quality for the money you pay. Make sure you are not sacrificing long-lasting quality for price.

Triplex developments allow for many different configurations. We’re here to help ensure your block reaches its full potential & yields maximum return. Developments are becoming increasingly complex and councils have a habit of moving the goalposts when it comes to development guidelines. Specifically, a triplex can present design and development constraints that require particular attention. Ensure you seek professional advice from experienced builders like us to interpret these guidelines.

What MetroStrata can do for you:

  • Decipher the residential design codes applicable to your development & determine the lengths to which you can go
  • Draft subdivision plans to submit to WAPC
  • Draw up feasibility documents
  • Design a house to fit any shaped block
  • Advise of expected sitecosts to ensure you choose a development within your budget
  • Ensure council approval
  • Build a quality home perfect for rentals or to sell to fund your next development!
  • Provide full & detailed costings for your house design

Metrostrata’s Top Tip!…. We have a saying here at MetroStrata ‘Don’t compare apples with oranges.’ Builders will scrimp & save on important items, do your research before making a commitment. We are very upfront with all the costs to your investment so ensure there are no hidden costs in other quotes.

Home Designs

Below are a series of home design best suited to Triplex developments.

The Manley
Home Size:175.03m2

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