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Frequently Asked Questions


How much will it cost to build?

We have 3×2 units starting at just $145,000 in Perth. Let our building consultants know of any budget constraints and we will do our best to ensure that we design a house to fit in with that budget.

Good value does not necessarily mean cheap – it means getting the best quality for the money you pay. Make sure you are not sacrificing long-lasting quality for price. Here at MetroStrata Developments, we use a thicker slab than most other builders, and we don’t take shortcuts or compromise on quality, ensuring your property is build to last & securing your investment for years to come.

MetroStrata Developments understands that the investment when building a new home is not simply financial; we aim to keep you involved at every step of the way, and to make the process simple & enjoyable. That is why you will work with one building consultant; one assigned project administrator; and one dedicated supervisor to see you from start to finish. They are committed to your project, ensuring attention to detail is paramount and the quality of your home is never compromised.

What is 6*?

The key objectives of the 6-Star Energy Rating is to seek to increase the energy efficiency of your Perth home.

Here at MetroStrata Developments, we pride ourselves on our green attitude towards building. We have always sought to make the most of the Western Australian elements. Simple solutions such as orientating to the Northern aspect & clever positioning of windows to take advantage of breezes, will result in lower energy bills & a more comfortable home for you.

We conduct an in-house 6* assessment at contracts stage, before submitting for full energy rating with an outside source prior to construction.

Beware of the builder who simply suggests putting in extra cavity wall…. That is not the solution and will not make for a comfortable home.

What is included in your house and land packages?

We offer a basic package and turnkey package on our house and land advertisements, both of which are determined by the asking price of the land, the price of the build & projected siteworks. In the instance of the turnkey package, they also include finishing items, meaning your house would be ready to move into upon completion. Unlike many builders we take due consideration when calculating our house and land package prices, researching in detail site-related issues that we may encounter.

What is Turnkey?

The items we have selected for our Turnkey Package are finishing items, which we feel will enable you to have a comfortable transition into your new home upon completion. These items are included in your building contract, and are completed during the course of construction.

Included Turnkey items:

  • Floor coverings
  • Paving
  • Window coverings
  • Wall painting
  • Light fittings
  • Clothes line
  • Letter box

Additional Turnkey Items

  • Airconditioning
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping
  • Alarm system

Why should I choose it?

Many First Homeowners do not have the required funds to fully complete their home. By including these items in the building contract, the bank will also include them in their valuation, allowing the bank to provide additional finance.

Turnkey Items are completed during the course of construction. For Investors and Developers, this removes the stress of having to source suppliers & arrange installation after handover, ultimately preventing delays to the rental or sale of the property.

What are sitecosts?

Sitecosts are treated separately to the price of house as they are the costs associated with preparing your specific block of land for construction. They are determined by a number of factors, such as the quality of the soil, the contours of the block and the complexity of the site.

Sitecosts include items such as earthworks, service run-ins, stormwater disposal & council bonds.

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