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Class 2/Multi-Dwelling Development


Recent changes to local authority town planning scheme allow for rezoning and higher density constructions such as multi dwelling/Class 2 developments in many suburbs around Perth. Apartment developments are a very attractive option for a multitude of investors as it maximises the value and the possibilities of your block of land. A Class 2 development leads higher yields on all fronts. Metrostrata Developments specialises in the construction of two, three and four storey Class 2 buildings.

What MetroStrata can do for you:

  • Decipher the residential design codes applicable to your development & determine the lengths to which you can go
  • Draft subdivision plans to submit to WAPC
  • Draw up feasibility documents
  • Design a multi dwelling to fit any shaped block
  • Ensure council approval
  • Build a quality home perfect for rentals or to sell to fund your next development!
  • Provide full & detailed costings for your house design

Metrostrata’s Top Tip!…. Multi dwelling developments represent a great investment opportunity for the Perth developer market.

Below is our recent Class 2 Development

Metrostrata-Class2-development-2 Metrostrata-Class2-development-3 Metrostrata-Class2-development-1 Metrostrata-Class2-development-CGI Metrostrata-Class2-development-plan

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