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House Behind House


A House Behind House is a great option if you have a large block and you would like to retain the existing home. This ‘backgarden’ development can take some of the fear out of the subdivision process. Not only do you already own the land, thereby minimising the investment risk, but you also have the comfort of going through the process in the comfort of your own home.

You can come to us with your block already subdivided, or work with us to come up with a subdivision plan to suit your current house. Years of experience in this field means that no matter the shape of your block, our skilled design team will create a house to fit in with both your needs & council’s requirements.

What MetroStrata Developments can do for you:

  • Decipher the residential design codes applicable to your development & determine the lengths to which you can go
  • Draft subdivision plans to submit to WAPC
  • Design a house to fit any shaped block
  • Provide full & detailed costings for your house design
  • Advise of expected site costs to ensure you choose a development within your budget
  • Ensure council approval
  • Build a quality home perfect for rentals or to sell to fund your next development!

Metrostrata’s Top Tip!…. Manage your expectations. That goes for time and budget.

If the house is for rental or for sale, don’t over invest. Compare the design & finishes with other properties available in the area.

These things don’t happen overnight. WAPC approval, council approval, building permits. These things add up, and that doesn’t even factor in finalising designs & choosing finishes.

Home Designs

Below are a series of home design best suited to House Behind House developments.

The Glebe
Home Size:184.71m2
The Clovelly
Home Size:187.48m2
The Hawthorn
Home Size:190.06m2
The Fitzroy
Home Size:193.72m2
The Richmond
Home Size:201.06m2

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