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Can I subdivide?

Our experienced building consultants can provide you with a free, no obligation site assessment & will ascertain if there are any restrictions based on your potential development. We will then advise you based on the lot size and zoning of your property. Your zoning is indicated by an R-Code, which determines factors such as the number of buildings you can construct, plot ratios, open space requirements & building setbacks. Each council interprets the R-Codes differently & applies them based on their density requirements.

Our design team, as well as our building consultants have an extensive knowledge of the R-Codes, and keep abreast of any changes to the codes. We can ascertain if there any restrictions placed on your potential development.


My property isn’t subdivided, can you organise this?

Yes we can.

We have experienced consultants and the necessary contacts to make subdividing your Perth property simple. Our assistance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Assessing your site to determine the best possible development and configuration.
  • Drafting subdivision plans to submit to WAPC (WA Planning Commission)
  • Working with you on the best possible design for your development, providing advice and solutions upfront
  • Providing you with feasibility studies to help forecast costs & profits
  • Facilitating the titling process
  • Streamlining and co-ordinating all the administration and approval processes for you
  • Using our experience to cut through red tape


How much will the subdivision cost?

Costs will vary depending on your location, property & complexity of the development. Our consultants can incorporate approximate fees and works associated with sub-division into their feasibility, which they will supply at the beginning of the process.

Costs associated with subdividing include the following:

  • WAPC fees
  • Surveyor fees
  • Water Corp fees
  • Western Power Dome fees
  • Sewer re-diversion
  • Connection of the existing dwellings to underground power


I have a large block of land that I want to subdivide, but I can’t afford to build on it. What other options do I have?

MetroStrata Developments has been expertly advertising house and land packages in Perth for many years. This means that we can assist you in the subdivision process as well as help you to sell the land if you can’t afford to build.

Perhaps you’re looking at developing your back garden, but can’t afford the build. We can help. Or perhaps you own a block of land big enough for a quadruplex but you can only afford to construct two houses…. We can help you sell the remaining two blocks of land.

Whatever the circumstances, we can offer a service to you turn your block into a profitable development. In addition to advertising on, our own company website & in local newspapers, we also have a large database of clients and investors to whom we can market your land.

What MetroStrata Developments can do for you:

  • Draft subdivision plans to submit to WAPC
  • Design a house to fit any shaped block
  • Advertise your block on & our webpage


What’s the difference between Survey Strata & Green Title?

Green Title

A Green Title lot is the most advantageous from a buyer’s perspective but also the most expensive one. Some of the advantages of a Green Title are: the owner has the freedom to develop as they wish, there is no common property allowed, the title is easier to sell and has less restrictions on timing (can be created before, after or during the development completion). Some of the disadvantages of Green Title are: is considered to be the most expensive subdivision, it can often be difficult to achieve within battle-axe subdivisions, the lots must have direct access to all services which ends up to be a costly exercise and the WA Planning Commission has to approve it allowing for less flexibility than a local Council office.

Survey Strata

The Survey Strata Title is the most flexible title from the buyer’s perspective since it can be acquired at any stage in the development process; however, is the most expensive one for the developer. Some of the advantages of Survey Strata are: the owner is able to get the titles without needing to build on the property first, it can be completed at any point of the construction process even before construction starts, each strata owner has freedom to make adjustments to their development and once the titles are issued, no further approval is required for changes. Some of the disadvantages of Survey Strata are: apartment buildings are excluded, it can be difficult to achieve within battle-axe subdivisions, the WA Planning Commission approves all applications allowing for less flexibility than a local Council office, it’s a more pricey way to subdivide due to surveyor costs, the lots must be clear before a new title can be obtained and the owner has no control over other lot owners’ decisions.


What is the process for Property Development?

Understanding the development process can be overwhelming for first-timers. Engage the help of one of our development specialists at MetroStrata Developments & they will guide you through the process from start to finish, providing you with advice and solutions along the way.

Below is a general outline of the development process. However, with many developments under our belt, we understand that each one is different & comes with its own complications, so please call one of our consultants to discuss yours in more detail.


Call MetroStrata Developments and speak to one of our friendly & experienced building consultants. Whether you already own a block, or you would like assistance in choosing one, our consultants can offer you valuable advice on how to capitalise on your site’s potential with an obligation free site inspection.

If you are looking to subdivide, your building consultant will conduct the necessary research to ensure you achieve maximum yield from your site.


Your building consultant will show you potential house designs from our huge database of single and double storey plans. Or if you would prefer, your consultant will liaise with you & our award-winning design team to create a house plan specific to your block & your requirements.

With extensive knowledge of R-Codes, our design team can also provide you with block subdivisions, which will be used to submit to WAPC.


Your building consultant may have provided you with a feasibility study at the beginning of the process. Once design work is complete, our estimating team will finalise quotations & provide you with opt in and opt out options to ensure your contract price fits in with your budget. We have a skilled estimating team who work hard to ensure that we are upfront about all costs involved from the very beginning.


Once you are completely satisfied with your design & associated costs, we would ask you to pay us a Preparation of Plans Agreement. This initiates the ordering of a Features & Contour survey and a Soil Test for your block. These surveys enable us to prepare working drawings & determine sitework costings, which will form part of your contract. The fee paid is deducted from your final building deposit.


Contracts. We offer fixed price contracts & provide you with an additional copy to supply to your financier. Your consultant will make themselves available to discuss your contracts at length to ensure you are completely happy before signing off.


At this point you will be introduced to your dedicated contracts administrator who will oversee your job right through to handover. Your administrator will organise all the necessary submissions to council. They will also conduct your pre-start meeting, where they will guide you in choosing colours & finishes that will add value & appeal to your development.


Once you have received all the necessary permits, you are now ready for construction & will be introduced to your site supervisor. We are committed to keeping you informed throughout the building process & ensuring your development is built on time. With backing from prestigious builder Highbury Homes, MetroStrata Developments offer a truly great quality build.


Your development is now ready for handover. Regardless of whether you have built a new home to live in, or houses to sell or rent; we have every confidence that we will provide you with a development to feel proud of for years to come.

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